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konstituciaProfessionalism is the basis of our work. The Constitution of the Russian Federation guarantees to everyone the right to receive qualified legal assistance. This function is vested by the law in the advocacy.

The status of an advocate imposes on its owner tremendous responsibility for the destiny of his principals, for their well-being and prosperity. Our objective is to provide our clients with this constitutional guarantee. It is impossible without the high professionalism and mastership.


Experience. Just like in any field of activity, experience, in addition to professional skill, is an important factor  of achieving the positive results. Our advocates possess such experience. The combination of high professionalism and vast experience results in high quality of legal assistance provided by our advocates.


Ethics and reputation. The ethical standards of an advocate’s behaviour are set out in the Code of Advocate’s Professional Ethics adopted in 2003. Our advocates have been providing the qualified legal assistance for more than 40 years already, starting from the Soviet times. Ethical standards which they are guided by are not just a set of rules stated in the Code of Professional Ethics, but are the rules  that originate from life. Infringement of these rules means for us making a headway to nowhere. Without respect of the client, opponents, without dignified behaviour, without respect from the principal the advocate loses his image, his conscience, and self-respect. It is unacceptable for us. We value the friendship with our clients, we value respect of ourselves.


Mutual trust. Advocates and doctors are often compared to each other. The patient who does not trust the doctor, cannot state openly and frankly the symptoms of his illness. The doctor who does not trust the patient, cannot make the only right diagnosis.

A client who does not trust the advocate, cannot count on getting rid of his problems with which he has come. Only on condition of full mutual trust, maximum openness from both ourselves and our principals the  “treatment of disease” is possible.


Protection of interests of the client as our own. To be of maximum effect for the client, it is necessary to start living his life. To understand his feelings and hopes, it is necessary to feel like him. In this case not only professional knowledge and experience, but also spiritual aspiration enable us to win. The problems of our principal we take upon ourselves. It is not easy. But due to this the joy of victory becomes even brighter.

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