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Anticorruption policy of the Law office
  Anticorruption policy of the Law office
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Anticorruption policy of the Law office

buildingProtection of the rights and interests of our client, his business reputation, dignity, promoting his success and self-confidence – this is the purpose and meaning of our work.

It's an open secret for anyone that, unfortunately, today corruption has permeated the life of our society. It causes a tremendous damage to the state, affects extremely negatively the investment climate in the country, infects and spoils the minds of people, hampers the administration of justice.

Corruption is a disease, a venom poisoning our state.

Without respect of law and court there can be no talk about a law-governed state.

The advocacy, as a matter of fact, is the only non-governmental organization which is indissolubly connected to the state's implementation of its constitutional function of the administration of justice.

Justice is impossible without advocacy.

The advocates of the Law Office, fully aware of the high responsibility of their constitutional mission, carry out their function contributing to formation of the sense of legal consciousness, and as a consequence, of the people's world outlook, provide for administration of justice, shape the image of our state. This high responsibility historically vested in the advocacy obliges the advocates to be a benchmark of decency, honesty, commitment to the advocate's duty. Our objective is through our daily hard work to shape respect of the law and the court.

Never and under no circumstances should the image of our client, his business reputation be placed in jeopardy.

We are confident that defending the interests of our client is only possible by lawful means.

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