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A wedding is more than just a great party. (…Though we do love one of those.) It’s something much bigger. A leap of faith and a major marker in two lives.

For a catering company, it’s always a privilege and a delight to see and serve happy newlyweds and their wedding guests. For us, though, it’s so much fun it’s almost unfair.

Because unlike some “big name” catering companies, we’ve gotten to know the happy couple by their names. We’ve worked closely with them, helping them envision and finally live their dream day. The thrill of seeing their faces on that day is priceless!

For this and about a million other reasons, we keep our couples at the front of our minds and at the heart of our process.

So: let’s focus on You and Your partner! Together we can pin down all of your wants, needs, and dreams and lay the plans for your own picture-perfect celebration.

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