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Your celebration of love is our privilege to plate.

Your celebration of love is our privilege to plate.

Weddings by Burbank Caterers is the brand new venture from Los Angeles’ award-winning Burbank Caterers. We are a full-service boutique catering company with a singular emphasis on So-Cal weddings; wedding-related events.

Helping the soon-to- be-wed to imagine, plan, and ultimately experience their own perfect day is one of our two great passions. (The other: cooking amazing food, of course.) This is why we show relentless dedication to our client-couples, showing each one the level of care and attention their big day demands and truly deserves.

We’re into commitment.

Our focused and proactive approach lets newlyweds-to- be relax and simply bask in the glow of awaiting their wedding, knowing they’re in good hands.

Let us back you up!

It’s our business to make your wedding day dreams come true.