Food PhilosophyLA Wedding Catering Event Planning

farm-to- table,
ripe + representative of the season,
simply prepared,
beautifully plated,
utterly delicious.

With a local-focused, farm-to- table style, we believe food should entice the palate and delight the senses.

Particularly when composing a menu for “the big day,” we think it’s important to bring to life the incredible colors, flavors, beauty and abundance of the e

arth. This is why our thoughtful, detail-minded, and fresh-obsessed Chef, Susan, travel

s all throughout the region sourcing only the best and brightest flavors of the season.

While her passion for her home state is clear in her

favorite culinary approach – simple, beautifully prepared California market-style cuisine – Susan’s veteran experience and signature polish and style ensure you’ll be in good hands whatever fare your heart and appetite desire.

We aim for nothing short of fairy tale fare, bringing a light, celebratory mood and your unique style and vision straight to the plate.


Our culinary philosophy has one constant, no matter what type of food, how many we are cooking for, or any other factor: we believe in a farm-to- table approach, building dishes on a strong foundation of fresh ingredients and elegantly simple, straightforward flavors. After all, simple is beautiful.

We support local California growers and specialty vendors, depending on these uncommon sources for unique and surprising finds in every season. Some favorites have included all-natural & gluten-free pressed fruits, organic local charcuterie elements, yummy vegan cheese, and the list goes on!

Let’s get creative.

At Burbank Caterers, we are all for collaboration. We love to share ideas and inspiration whenever needed, and will always be honored to take all of your wants and needs into account and, to put it simply, cater to you. Putting our heads together, we can set the tone for your celebratory spread, defining a menu and overall style of service that works perfectly for you.