the sunday edition [+ sweet drop biscuits with strawberry butter]

sweet drop biscuits with homemade strawberry butter



Sweet drop biscuits were everywhere when we were in Savannah–I hadn’t had them since I was younger (my Mom made a variation of this recipe when I was growing up), but I came back newly obsessed and had to try my hand at them one lazy Sunday here in Astoria. They were a big hit with my roommates–especially with the addition of homemade strawberry butter (way easier than it sounds, by the way!).


You’ll need:

  • 3 cups all-purpose flour
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 5 teaspoons baking powder
  • 3/4 teaspoon cream of tartar
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 3/4 cup shortening
  • 1 1/4 cup milk
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract


In the bowl of a stand mixer, combine the dry ingredients. Add the shortening, and cut it into the mix (this can be done with your hands) until the whole bowl is crumbly. Mix in the milk and vanilla extract until just combined.


Plop small balls of dough (a little less than 1/4 cup worth) onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and cook in an oven set to 425 for 15-20 minutes, checking occasionally.


For the butter: Combine one stick of unsalted butter (at room temperature) in a bowl with 1/4 cup powdered sugar and strawberries that have been minced or even pulsed in a food processor (about 1/4 cup of these as well, although you can add more if you want a chunkier butter). Whip until combined, then spread onto warm biscuits and enjoy with these links from about the web this week:


-Have you guys met the girls of SRSLY. yet? If not, you’re missing out–we worked with them for our Girl vs. Sweat videos for SELF, and their web series is so amazing. Very GIRLS-esque.


-Need this genius doormat (don’t we all?).


-I’ve put off using anti-aging products as long as I could, but I think with my 25th birthday approaching, it’s time to start. I can’t wait to try out Maya’s suggestions!


-I love any dessert with lemon as an ingredient, so Luci’s Nutty Lemon Bars just shot to the top of my “must try” baking list.


-Rachelle always has the best working girl outfits. Definitely saving this one for office inspiration once the weather heats up a bit!


-I’ve been obsessed with Bailey’s design style for as long as I can remember–I’m super drawn to her amazing us of color and playful take on decor. You have to check out her newest design project.


-This recipe for Split Pea Soup with Watermelon Radishes from Liz seems like the perfect way to try and usher in spring.


-A “Lip Flip” sketch with Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon. Enough said.




the sunday edition [+ five minute french toast]

five minute french toast



French toast might actually be my favorite breakfast food–at least this version. Some restaurant-style french toast dishes can be too sweet, or overloaded with stuff on top (bananas! peanut butter! strawberries! chocolate chips!), but this quick, five-minute version (seriously!) tip toes that line perfectly. It’s simple, it will make your house smell amazing and your Sunday morning even that much better!


french toast breakfast



For 3-4 pieces of french toast, you’ll need:


  • 3-4 pieces of bread (your choice which kind!)
  • 3 eggs
  • cinnamon
  • 1 tablespoon butter


egg soak for french toast



Mix the cinnamon (again, it’s up to you how much. I like to keep my french toast mild, so I only use about 2 teaspoons) and eggs in a bowl, scrambling with a fork until combined. Heat a skillet over medium heat on the stove, melting the tablespoon of butter.  Soak your bread in the egg mixture, being sure to coat both side evenly. Place in the pan and cook, flipping the french toast occasionally, until both sides are browned and a bit caramelized.


five minute french toast recipe


Serve the french toast with a dusting of powdered sugar (if you want) and some maple syrup (Vermont Maid was a staple in our house growing up). Cut it up, then enjoy with some coffee and these links from around the web this week:


-This NYC Etiquette graphic is both brilliant and so, so true.


-Architectural Digest featured Patrick Dempsey’s Malibu home recently and it is stunning. I’d kill for that amazing outdoor space!


-I’m still into that whole “trying to be a runner” thing, so I’m soaking up these running tips from Anne, who is the pavement pounding new mama behind In Residence.


-The supremely talented Alissa (great name, too!) had a ton of killer blog photo tips and tricks on her blog this week–everything from how to edit better photos, how to take better blog photos and photo basics. She was a photography student in college and her outfit photos are always spot on, so you know this advice is legit.


-Um kid, I feel ya. This little boy is having a lot of feelings towards “Say Something.” Me too, me too.


-I love the look of this chain link braid featured over on A Beautiful Mess. Plus, it’s perfect for short hair!


-A lavender vodka lemonade? Yes, please! So classy for cocktail hour.


-This Washingtonian piece, This is Danny Pearl’s Final Story, was amazing. Definitely just read. it.









Just a few pretty things catching my eye around the web this week…

-Angel food cakes is one of my favorite desserts ever–with strawberries and ice cream of course. Combining all three? Yum!

-It’s no secret that I really (really) like egg sandwiches. This upgraded version with bacon jam from Perpetually Chic sounds all sorts of amazing.


-Have you seen Emily’s gorgeous entryway? Serious, the gold, the color–it’s perfection!


-I love bright outfits for spring–color, color, color! This yellow skirt on Caitlin from A Little Dash of Darling is so pretty!


-Speaking of color, no one does it better than Jenny! Pink lemonade is one of my favorite drinks (naturally), so I’m loving this outfit.


-Have you seen Brynn’s wedding yet? She had some of the most beautiful details I’ve ever seen! Seriously, go check out the prettiness, asap.







Just a few pretty things catching my eye around the web this week…


-I’ve never really made much candy, but this candied ginger recipe is making me want to try!


-I love bows (obviously, I’m a girl), so Jenee’s adorable hair scarf is making me want to copy!


-Interesting flavors always draw my eye when choosing a recipe. A rose cake? Pretty, and unique!


-The Hudson Valley has my heart. I went to college there, and I love taking day trips up to the area in the spring and summer. Plan yours with this awesome guide from Design Sponge!


-Um, have you see the gorgeous new issue of Rue Magazine? Enough said.


-I’m obsessed with this adorable retro outfit. Too cute!


-Spring cleaning is always so refreshing–and my apartment needs it badly. This guide from The Glitter Guide is going to come in handy soon!







Just a few pretty things catching my eye around the web this week…

-As a new-ish apartment renter, I’m obsessed with collecting home decor ideas. For our second year in our apartment, my roomate and I want to make a few fun changes, which is why I went crazy over Eileen’s DIY gold wallpaper this week.

-These honey-soy chicken drumsticks from one of my fave food blogs look ah-ma-zing.

-I’m always looking for fun ways to jazz up my boring cubicle, so this DIY polka dot mouse pad is at the top of my must-try list.

-I love Jacquelyn’s “House Envy” series, but this week’s look into the perfect clean, white space has me dreaming of redesigning.

-This warm mushroom, pear and arugula salad from Lilies, Lattes and Lace is what I wish I was eating for lunch every day this week…instead of sandwiches.

-I totally want to make Emily’s DIY glitter notepads. They’d be perfect to hold blog ideas!

-Elisa did an amazing overhaul on a basic coffee table. It couldn’t have come out more amazing!

-Devil’s food cake s’mores cookies. Enough said.





Just a few pretty things catching my eye around the web this week…

-Nothing makes tea time (or snack time at your desk) more luxurious than homemade madeleines. I’m dying to try the almond orange and honey version from Buttercream & Roses.

-I’m really into typography manifestos lately (I even made my own here this past week). Striking Truths has some (forgive me) striking versions–this one is my favorite right now!

-I’m obsessed with this blog lately. The photography, the feel–everything!

-It’s no secret I love anything and everything French. I’m dying to get my hands on this book!

-I love the natural, simple look of this gorgeous leather iPad case from Camille Styles. Plus, it looks so easy!

-These slow roasted tomatoes from Victoria are money. I should know, I’ve already made them three times…









Just a few pretty things catching my eye around the web this week…

-This DIY sunglass pouch from Lovely Indeed is so cute and crafty. I’m already thinking about making it for a few friends before spring hits!

-Valentine’s Day is over, so naturally you now need something to do with all those chalky conversation hearts. You should probably make Leah’s Conversation Heart Vodka right now.

-People are always amazing me with their creativity, and this guy’s artistic and genius use of the Nemo snow is pretty darn awesome.

-I love Clara’s “Blog Notes” series, especially this week’s post on building your brand. A must-read!

-I’m a dessert gal, through and through, so any time I can make my favorite indulgences just a tiny bit healthier I do it. I can’t wait to try out Ashley’s healthier french silk pie (which still looks 100% sinful and delicious!).

-Warby Parker launched their new Hayworth Collection and the Edgeworth style is completely calling my name. They’d be perfect for summer at the shore this year–and they’re described as the red lipstick of eyewear. Um, yes please.

-Goat cheese has quickly become my new snack obsession, so I was beyond excited to see Jaclyn’s goat cheese, honey and thyme spread recipe. Yum, yum, yum!!

-I’m fully convinced there’s nothing better than couples in love. Go here, view this and feel happy.





Just a few pretty things catching my eye around the web this week…

-Katie’s amazing Valentine’s gift idea for your guy (I’m probably going to buy it for myself, too).

-I love nothing more than getting my girls together–especially if there’s food involved. This Single Ladies Brunch from Design Love Fest is too cute!

-This social media etiquette post over on Design Sponge is a must read. Major don’ts? Negativity, bashing and over hashtag-ing

-Looking to give something sweet this Valentine’s Day? Try these homemade chocolate bars, as seen on The Vault Files.

-As a new-ish blogger, I’m constantly trying to stay fresh, so I loved Lisa’s post this week on creating original content.

-How adorable are Anne’s washi tape stickers? So easy and creative!

-We got Sugarfina products delivered to the office this week (and they were so. yummy.). Even cuter? Their fun giftsets–like this anti-Valentine’s Day one (sweet, even if you are pro-Valentine’s Day!).