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casual brunch outfit


Ah, brunch–let me count the ways in which I love you. This weekend rolled around and it called for sleeping in late (I made it ’til 7:45 a.m. Woohoo!), a lazy morning around the apartment and a casual brunch in Brooklyn. It’s so close to Queens (just a quick few minutes away on the BQE), but unless I’m heading to Brooklyn Flea or Smorgasburg, I really don’t spend much time there. So away we went.


brunch outdoor brunch in nyc church in brooklyn casual brunch


After stuffing our faces silly, we needed to walk it off (a massive egg sandwich will do that to ya, I guess). Trekking over the Brooklyn Bridge has been on my NYC bucket list for a while, so my roommate and I somehow found our way there and walked over–the view from up there is seriously something special.


lower manhattan skyline the statue of liberty brooklyn bridge


It wasn’t too crowed, and it completely reignited my love for the city–which, I have to admit, had waned this week with the hundreds of people camping outside the new Times Square H&M waiting for Lady Gaga…it took me 20 minutes to get to my office door and was just all-around not fun. We ended the day with gelato in Little Italy, a bit of shopping at C. Wonder and Joe Fresh (where I snagged this adorable skirt!) and sushi on the couch. Pretty perfect if you ask me!



palm beach: part one



I’m trying to suck myself out of the post-vacation blue with a few pictures, but truly it’s so hard. Our girls trip to Palm Beach ended up being the best vacation I’ve ever had–there are few things in life better than spending sunny days at the beach with some of your best girlfriends (oh, and one rainy afternoon on the sun porch with two massive bottles of wine). I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I feel for these girls–between the laugh-induced tears, highway jam sessions (this was pretty much the official song of the trip. Or this (not even ashamed guys). Or this.) and late-night heart-to-hearts, I was brought back to what’s really good and important in this life–amazing memories, and people you love to share them with. Oh, and Pinot Grigio. Always Pinot Grigio. Here are a few snaps from our time at the beach–nights out are up tomorrow!























weekend scenes: central park












1 & 2. Some of the best views in the city.

3. I’m kind of Nuts for Nuts…go figure.

4. Gangly, tangled trees always seem a bit magical.

5. These two were having the most amazingly serious “bro” convo about girls. Yes, I was eavesdropping.

6. Magnet snaps for sale.

7. We witnessed the most beautiful little wedding.

8. This gentleman was playing perfect vintage tunes on this gorgeous sax. I couldn’t stop imagining where his talent had taken him throughout his life.

9 & 10. There’s no better way to celebrate a Sunday stroll than with Laduree macarons.

11. Bird’s eye view.



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life lately, according to instagram

From L to R: A new favorite shade (Scarlet Empress by NARS), As a greek goddess for Halloween (it’s been a while, I know!), Homemade chocolate and salted caramel layer cake, New Michael Kors winter coat (scored on Black Friday discount!), Pretty sequins from Joe Fresh for the holidays, Tree chopping victory, The halls–decked, Christmas snail mail going out soon

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the fair

Once September rolls around, I pretty much plan my weekends around fairs. Growing up in New England, they were quintessentially “fall,” and one of my favorite things to do (you can see a re-cap of my favorite fall tradition last year here). I took a time out from city life this weekend to head to The Big E and the day was filled with delicious food, gorgeous weather and plenty of apple cider–only the best things, of course.

My favorite moment of the day had to have been seeing this little girl, who insisted on going on the swings multiple times in a row. That was my favorite ride growing up–I loved the weightlessness you’d feel, and how it almost looked like you were floating. I have to say, watching her make the rounds with her arms out made me pretty darn happy.


I hope you all had a lovely weekend! So, I’m nosy…what’s your favorite fall tradition?