hello, handsome: ian harding



I have to apologize–I’ve been a horrible blogger this week! Between a few late-night work events and a last-minute ah-mazing concert (Mumford & Sons!), I simply ran out of hours in the day (OK–the whole week!). To make up for it, allow me to present a little (handsome) thing I like to call Ian Harding.


Yes, before you scold  me, I do watch Pretty Little Liars. And I’m not even ashamed of it (I’m sorry, but it’s gooooodddd, mmmkay?). The one thing you need to know? If you watch, Ian Harding will be on your television screen for an hour each week as Mr. Fitz, a teacher in love with his pretty student (kinda weird, but just go with it. His baby blues more than erase the creep-factor). Need even more convincing? Well, you asked for it…











….and happy Friday to you!