four days in savannah

savannah marquee sign


I’ve been staring at my computer screen for twenty minutes just trying to figure out a way to describe Savannah properly in this post. The only thing that’s coming to me? Obsession. I have never been so obsessed, so quickly, with anything in my life (OK, except for The OC) as I was (and am) with Savannah. It took maybe 2.5 seconds for us to fall in love with the city last week and the four days we spent there were pretty near perfect.


First, let’s discuss the weather. I knew anything that wasn’t single digits would feel warm, but the Southern Gods were really really amazing to us (Which is actually incredible, given how much I trash talk country music. You’d think I would have earned myself four days worth of rain just for that…). Every day was 70 or higher and gorgeously sunny–I had almost forgotten what it felt like to wear light clothes, but this definitely reminded me!


We spent our days taking in the city and its amazing squares (Savannah is set up like a grid and there are dozens and dozens of charming “squares” sprinkled throughout) and our nights having some of the best food ever. There’s really no logical way to arrange this post because I have so many photos I want to share with you guys–apologies in advance for the image dump. But definitely scroll through, because I’ll be calling out bits & tips, as well as our favorite restaurants and details on the hotel we stayed at!


savannah 7 (1) savannah 2 midnight in the garden of good and evil house

^^ The homes of Savannah were so charming, I could have starred at them all day. This last one you see here is the house from Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil if any of you have ever read that book/seen the movie. I tried to take a non-stalkerish picture which involved me crouching behind a bush…like a stalker…^^


savannah 6 (2) savannah 4 savannah 8


^^ Surely this will be the invitation to our 50th friendship anniversary party, no? ^^


savannah 1 savannah cotton exchange


^^ Savannah is chocked full of history, and we wanted to hear about it all, so our first day we took a guided trolly ride around the city. It was a great way to get the lay of the land and hear some cool facts while we were at it–we made mental notes of places we wanted to come back to see, like this amazing old cotton exchange building. I definitely recommend it (I can’t remember the name of the company we took, but there are so many you can’t really go wrong.) ^^


savannah oysters savannah 5 savannah grilled vegetable salad picnic in the park savannah


^^And the food–oh my god, the food. I had never really had much Southern food before, and I’m not sure if what I ordered each night was totally legitimate, but it was all amazing. Our favorite place had to be The Olde Pink House, an incredible restaurant in Savannah’s historic downtown. Yes, it is pink, and yes it is most definitely haunted–according to legend (and hundreds of accounts), a slighted wife who hung herself in the basement still haunts the home–and trust me when I tell you, I could totally see how this is true. The place is eerie in the coolest way (think a mix of The Haunted Mansion and Sleep No More) and is definitely beautiful enough and delicious enough that I’m considering haunting it too.^^


Other places we loved: Leopold’s for old-school ice cream, Garibaldi’s for italian, Papillote (which was responsible for that picnic you see up there), Elizabeth on 37th, Vic’s on the River (best fried oysters I’ve ever had) and J. Christopher’s (a local favorite for brunch).


savannah steam boat picnic savannah savannah 6 (1) savannah 3 cherry blossoms savannah forsyth park savannah spanish moss


^^ Predictably, we spent as much time outside as we could. Savannah is full of charming squares to sit in the shade (which I’m sure is a godsend when the hot summer hits) and almost every tree is draped with Spanish moss (it is now my dream to have my own Spanish moss-covered tree). The flowers were just starting to bloom in the city and the wind off the water was cool and refreshing–it felt amazing to our cooped-up New York selves. My favorite place had to be Forsyth park, home of that gorgeous white fountain you see above. It was huge and sunny and full of people walking their puppies. I mean, what else could you really ask for? ^^


savannah 9 savannah ice coffees


^^ Thank goodness my camera has a self timer because getting a picture of the three of us was not easy. I have this phobia that I’m going to ask someone to take our picture and they’re going to drop my camera, so I settle on propping it up perilously on whatever I can find and hoping for the best. So much safer (not). ^^


savannah 6 savannah 7 wet willies slushies


^^ Our hotel was right across from City Market, one of the main streets in Savannah full of tourist shops, bars, restaurants and our favorite, Wet Willies. Alcoholic slushies were a daily occurrence (and you could mix flavors you guys–it was pretty awesome).  ^^


andaz savannah hotel mint juleps andaz savannah andaz savannah 2 andaz savannah hotel


^^ Our hotel, The Andaz Savannah, was kind of amazing. We scored an awesome deal, which was good enough for us, but the service and amenities of the place really blew us away. The location, in the center of Savannah’s Historic District, was perfect for exploring the city by foot (you really don’t need to rent a car) and they won us over immediately at check in with free glasses of wine (the way to my heart, naturally). Breakfast there was great (best lattes ever!), as was the room service dessert selection (which we indulged in one night). There were fluffy robes, amazing craft cocktails (we bellied up to the bar one afternoon for mint juleps) and incredible decor. Seriously, I want my kitchen to look like that someday! ^^



Well, that about sums it up (in 50 pictures or so…). If you have any questions or are planning your own trip, let me know–I’d love to talk your ear off about my new favorite place!








palm beach: part one



I’m trying to suck myself out of the post-vacation blue with a few pictures, but truly it’s so hard. Our girls trip to Palm Beach ended up being the best vacation I’ve ever had–there are few things in life better than spending sunny days at the beach with some of your best girlfriends (oh, and one rainy afternoon on the sun porch with two massive bottles of wine). I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I feel for these girls–between the laugh-induced tears, highway jam sessions (this was pretty much the official song of the trip. Or this (not even ashamed guys). Or this.) and late-night heart-to-hearts, I was brought back to what’s really good and important in this life–amazing memories, and people you love to share them with. Oh, and Pinot Grigio. Always Pinot Grigio. Here are a few snaps from our time at the beach–nights out are up tomorrow!























weekend scenes: central park












1 & 2. Some of the best views in the city.

3. I’m kind of Nuts for Nuts…go figure.

4. Gangly, tangled trees always seem a bit magical.

5. These two were having the most amazingly serious “bro” convo about girls. Yes, I was eavesdropping.

6. Magnet snaps for sale.

7. We witnessed the most beautiful little wedding.

8. This gentleman was playing perfect vintage tunes on this gorgeous sax. I couldn’t stop imagining where his talent had taken him throughout his life.

9 & 10. There’s no better way to celebrate a Sunday stroll than with Laduree macarons.

11. Bird’s eye view.



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life lately, according to instagram

From L to R: A new favorite shade (Scarlet Empress by NARS), As a greek goddess for Halloween (it’s been a while, I know!), Homemade chocolate and salted caramel layer cake, New Michael Kors winter coat (scored on Black Friday discount!), Pretty sequins from Joe Fresh for the holidays, Tree chopping victory, The halls–decked, Christmas snail mail going out soon

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the fair

Once September rolls around, I pretty much plan my weekends around fairs. Growing up in New England, they were quintessentially “fall,” and one of my favorite things to do (you can see a re-cap of my favorite fall tradition last year here). I took a time out from city life this weekend to head to The Big E and the day was filled with delicious food, gorgeous weather and plenty of apple cider–only the best things, of course.

My favorite moment of the day had to have been seeing this little girl, who insisted on going on the swings multiple times in a row. That was my favorite ride growing up–I loved the weightlessness you’d feel, and how it almost looked like you were floating. I have to say, watching her make the rounds with her arms out made me pretty darn happy.


I hope you all had a lovely weekend! So, I’m nosy…what’s your favorite fall tradition?