weekend brunch

Sweater Gap, Peter Pan Collared Shirt Joe Fresh, Pants J. Crew, Oxford Shoes DSW (similar), Lipstick MAC’s “Russian Red”

No one ever told me that in New York City, brunch is an institution. A right of passage. The thing you’ll schedule second only to a long nap on your weekends in the city. I love breakfast as much as the next person, but guys…I did not know about brunch being a big deal.

But now? I totally get it. I mean really, if you tell me you don’t want to lazy about on a Saturday morning drinking mimosas and eating eggs with your friends, I might have to tell you you’re crazy. These brunch folk–they’re on to something.

Belt J. Crew

Cozy Saturday brunch called for an equally comfortable outfit in the form of a chunky wool sweater, bright pants and simple (but fun) accessories. To me, these red pants say “I put just enough thought into this outfit” or, alternatively, “I really can’t wait to eat a bacon egg and cheese.” Both work.

Flower Ring Kate Spade, Heart Ring and Gold Band Ring Catbird, Watch Michael Kors 

Oh, and by the way…that hot chocolate I’m drinking? Red. Velvet. I know.

Mind blown.

new york city at christmas


Walking home from work this evening, I honestly had to stop myself from skipping (because that would have been embarrassing). It’s like the city transformed overnight–the streets are glowing, people are buzzing in and out of store happily. Quite frankly, New York City feels magical.

This will be my first Christmas in the city, and while I’ve visited countless times in December before, I have a feeling I’m in for something a bit more this year. I really, really can’t wait.

Thanks for having me, New York.

the market

Tee Zara, Jacket Gap (similar), Scarf Zara, Pants Joe Fresh, Booties Steve Madden (similar), Bag from the leather market in Florence.

Since moving to NYC, I’ve discovered a new favorite way to spend my Saturdays: the market. Farmer’s markets, craft markets, fine food markets–you name it, I’m in there like swimwear. Growing up in a small rural town, there were few chance to really hit up markets the way NYC does them: big, well-curated, local. A dream, really.

The gorgeous weather on Saturday presented the perfect (and probably final) opportunity to put on one of my favorite casual looks (I actually might spend 24/7 in these burgundy pants if it was socially acceptable) and head to Brooklyn for an amazing food fair, Smorgasburg, and the Renegade Craft market with a few girlfriends. It felt especially poignant to be on the East River, supporting so many local businesses only weeks after Hurricane Sandy.

I was able to pick up a pair of Dino earrings I’ve had my eye on (yes, you read that right!), plus a few Christmas gifts and some homemade jam–for you NYC gals, I urge you to try Anarchy in a Jar! Their strawberry balsamic jam is out-of-this-world amazing.

How cute is this bow ring one of my friends picked up?

What’s your favorite way to spend your treasured Saturday afternoons?



bon iver in nyc

If you couldn’t tell from all of my playlists (and my incessant concert talk), I’m a huge music geek. I like my music like I like my buffets–a little bit of everything (though none of it can touch on my plate…some weird OCD thing of mine). I could go on and on ranting about my favorites (Bruce, Beatles, Damien Rice, Mumford, Beirut, Dave just to name a few), but I’ll get to the point. I’ve been dying to see Bon Iver–for. like. ever. We’re talking going on two years here, but for some reason it just never fell together.

I was super bummed when I couldn’t make his Radio City concerts last week–until I hit a stroke of good luck and received an invite to a private performance (eek!) for work (<insert insanely obnoxious happy dance here). Let me tell you, they’re phenominal live. Justin Vernon (the band’s front man) plays with this incredible, infections passion and talent just oozes out of every member in the zillion-piece band. Considering nothing I say can really do them justice, I figured it’d be best to throw together a playlist of my favorite songs for those of you who may not be familiar. You + a cozy blanket + a cup of coffee (or hot chocolate, if that’s your thing) + this playlist = bliss. I promise.

Also, we need to talk. The new Mumford and Sons album, Babel, is perfection. Is anyone else listening to it on repeat like me?