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palm beach florida


It’s kind of awesome that it’s already Tuesday, isn’t it? I spent my Memorial Day with my roommate celebrating her birthday with a sun-filled, lazy park day in Astoria. Her parents got her an awesome knife set, which I used to make her, her boyfriend and myself a birthday dinner–until I sliced off the top of my thumb. Apparently new knives are really really sharp…who knew!


Since typing just isn’t happening right now for my poor finger wrapped like a chubby mummy in gauze, I figured it’d be the perfect time for a photo dump of a few fun celebrations and moments happening lately.


cute way to store drinks for a party outdoor wedding seating area


^^ I loved the decor at the outdoor reception part of my cousin’s wedding^^


first kiss


^^ The first kiss! ^^


wedding2 wedding3 wedding 4 wedding1


^^ My adorable parents (& the gorg couple of the weekend, above them)^^


sunset paddle boarding


^^ Sunset paddle boarders on the water outside the venue ^^


college grad1

^^ Graduation. Nailed it. ^^


college grad2 college grad3 college grad4


^^ My brother, and his sweet girlfriend ^^


college grad5 vineyard1 vineyard2^^ Yummy picnic eats at a vineyard this past Sunday ^^




^^ My friend, with the prettiest sun-lit blonde hair ever. I’m envious ^^




palm beach bound!




I’m taking a long weekend and heading to a family wedding in Palm Beach today! If you can believe it, the last wedding I went to was in–get this–fourth grade. Needless to say, I’m long overdue for a little love, happy tears and dance floor action. You can catch my beach (and wedding) snaps over on Instagram–hope you all have a great weekend!




9 inspiring women I admire

inspiring women



It feels like every other day, we’re debating over photoshopped thigh-gaps, Miley’s latest antics or the most recent high school bullying incident. I gotta ask–where is the love (heyyyy JT)? We spend so much time focusing on what women are doing wrong instead of focusing on all the women who are doing it so, so right.


As I’ve grown older, I’ve moved away from idolizing the queens of my youth (i.e. B*Witched, S Club 7 and Mia Hamm) and have found a posse of admirable women doing amazing things in our world today. Allow me to introduce you (from left to right, of course).



Sophia Amoruso


Sophia is a relatively new women-crush acquisition for me. I first heard of her through work and have been slightly obsessed with her story/business savvy ever since. Amoruso started Nasty Gal as an eBay store specializing in vintage items and quickly catapulted it to an independent company worth over $100 million dollars in just a few short years. If her special brand of rebellious smarts isn’t enough, she’s also an author of #GIRLBOSS, out this May. I love this video of her filmed by Forbes–it gives such a great idea of what she’s all about.



Amy Odell


Ah, what to say about Amy Odell. Frankly, I think she’s genius and she’s such a workplace crush of mine. Odell started at The Cut (she was one of the first to helm the blog), then took her social strategy over to BuzzFeed, where she helped launch their women’s interest content. Now she’s making waves at Cosmopolitan Magazine as head of their site and I pretty much social media-stalk her at least once a day. As someone who also works in media, I’m always trying to keep up with what Odell is up to–she’s on the cutting edge of the business and is doing amazing things. (p.s. Check out her 8 tips for digital media supremacy).



Emily Weiss


You may remember Emily as the uppity intern from The Hill(and hey, even then you had to admire her work ethic), but the native New Yorker has transformed her 15 minutes of fame into one of the industry’s most respected beauty sites, Into the Gloss. As a blogger, I love keeping tabs on all the amazing things going on in the industry, and Into the Gloss has been one of my favorite brands since it’s inception. Not only does Emily (and her entire staff of writers) have such an amazing voice, but the site’s pieces are always unique, and I’m constantly walking away having learned something–rare in an online world dominated by regurgitated, repurposed content. She started Into the Gloss while she was still an assistant at Conde Nast, which is (obviously) something I can relate to–the long hours and sheer manpower you pour into a passion project can be overwhelming but it absolutely paid off in her case. Plus, I’m coveting her platinum blonde bob. I want it.



Malala Yousafzai


There’s not a ton to say about Malala that hasn’t already been lauded–I mean, she’s so incredible. I read her book earlier this year (I Am Malala, for those who haven’t heard of it) and was immediately struck by how poised, intelligent and full of grace she is. I think the work she does as an advocate for girls (and women) with The Malala Fund is so incredibly important–I know we’ll be seeing a lot of remarkable changes stem from her over the next decade. I can’t wait.



Mindy Kaling

You guys–I completely and utterly adore Mindy Kaling (I even wrote her a letter). Ever since her days as Kelly Kapoor on The Office, I’ve found her hilarious, witty and full of charm. Besides the fact that I think she’s a fantastic comedic actress, she holds a title even closer to my heart–writer. The episodes she penned held some of my top Office moments, her book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? had me laughing out loud on the train and her namesake show, The Mindy Project, is my current TV favorite (um, can we TALK ABOUT MINDY AND DANNY FOR A MINUTE PELASE?! There is nothing I love more than an angsty you’re-the-love-of-my-life-but-I-can’t-be-with-you storyline. I just want them together).  Past all that rom-com goodness, I feel like she’s exactly the kind of role model we need in the world these days–confident, secure, intelligent and happy. Love love love her (Mindy, if you’re reading this…let’s be best friends).



Julia Child

Have I ever told you guys I do a really, really convincing Julia Child impression? Because I do–seriously, it’s spot on…probably because I’ve spent much of my cooking life obsessing over her. Julia Child got women in the kitchen for pleasure, not necessity, and really brought it to a whole new generation to enjoy. I have a print with a quote of hers hanging in my kitchen (“People who love to eat are the best people”) and I find myself smiling at it often–it’s just so true! I have a feeling Julia and I would have been quite the duo in the kitchen.



Lena Dunham


I recognize that people can fall on either side of the fence with Lena–either you love her and completely relate to her, or you can’t stand her and what she speaks to. I fall firmly on the “love” side of the fence. Do I always relate to GIRLS? No, I don’t. But I think she’s brilliant and truly, the voice of a generation (ha sorry–had to). I think any time we have a woman like her in a leadership role, helming her own show, controlling the narrative and calling the shots, it’s a win for everyone. Personally, I can’t wait to get a hold of her new book, Not That Kind of Girl, coming out this fall. As much as I like Lena the actress and personality, I’m way more interested in Lena the person, Lena the business woman and Lena the writer.



Joanna Coles

So this may just be an industry crush and a snooze for all the rest of you, but Joanna Coles is a big, big thing in the magazine world. The EIC, who recently graced the cover of Adweek with the massive coverline “JOANNA COLES KNOWS WOMEN,” took over the big office up at Cosmopolitan earlier this year and has completely transformed the magazine from sultry fluff to an intelligent read women can be proud to whip out on the subway. Before Cosmo, Coles headed up Marie Claire, another favorite of mine for their “think” pieces on women’s issues. I have to agree with Adweek–Joanna Coles does know women, and she’s one women I (and many people in my industry) are looking to learn from.


Gabrielle Bernstein

Gabby Bernstein is everything I want be: relaxed, sure, zen and thoughtful. I first heard of her through my roommate and have since gotten hooked on her inspirational Instagram feed, videos and new book, Miracles Now. She is a motivational speaker and meditation teacher that focuses a lot on energy, the power of thought and positive emotions–introspective stuff that’s maybe not for everybody, but her accessible mindset has really helped me find a mental calm (or ok, helped me try and find a mental calm) in the past few months. I’m dying to hear her speak live–if you’re looking for a Gabby intro-lesson, I suggest this video or this video!







things that make me zen: the prophet

peaceful mornings



Truthfully, I’ve never been the kind of person who believes in a little thing called “zen.” I haven’t read many spirituality books (although my roommate is turning me onto them slowly but surely), I don’t meditate, I don’t burn incense or focus my breathing–really, the closest I come to getting “zen” is the 2.5 seconds I’m able to quiet my mind in yoga class (if I’m able to quiet my mind in yoga class).


But I do like feeling calm–and in a life full of commitments and work and gratifying relationships (that can sometimes be exhausting, as all relationships can), it’s something I really, truly have to work at. Calm isn’t my resting point–reluctantly so, anxiety is. Maintaining or achieving calm is a very concentrated goal–and one I admittedly don’t always reach.


In the quest for calm, there are several things that help me–the perfect relaxing playlist, a few laughs over wine with friends, a morning yoga session, a night in bed with tea and a book (or lately, House of Cards)–and one more thing: The ProphetHonestly, I was pretty reluctant to share this here–it’s almost like it’s my little secret safe space that no one else knows about (although I know others have read it)–but in the end I decided I love it just too much to keep it to myself.


The Prophet is a book of 26 poetry-style stories, written by Lebanese philosopher Kahlil Gibran. Thinking back, I really can’t remember when I discovered it, but I know I was pretty young (maybe a sophomore in college?). After my first read, I thought it was just destined to be the book that housed my favorite quote (“Passion, unattended, is a flame that burns to its own destruction” which is still one of my favorites), but as I grew older and continued to re-read it, I found meaning in it that wasn’t initially perceptible to younger me. The book touches on everything from love and marriage, to joy and sorrow and even my favorite–eating. It’s rare that I connect with a book as much as I have with The Prophet. Something about it is just able to ease my mind and worries, and I often find myself flipping through the chapters to look up passages that I know will relax me in the moment. Here’s a bit of one of my favorite passages (it feels weird and holy to call them that, but I’m not really sure how else to refer to them!) on friendship:


“For without words, in friendship, all thoughts, all desires, all expectations are born and shared, with joy that is unacclaimed.

When you part from your friend, you grieve not; for that which you love most in him may be clearer in his absence, as the mountain to the climber is clearer from the plain
and let there be no purpose in friendship save the deepening of the spirit
And in the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures.
For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.”
I don’t know–maybe it’s the writer in me, or maybe I’m way more of a poetry sap then I thought I was, but I think it’s kind of beautiful. Either way, the book (Which is very short. Like 125 pages I think?) is absolutely worth your time. #endzenrant



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five steps to a calmer a.m.

five steps to a calmer am



I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, a morning person. In fact, there are really few things I dislike more. Unless I’m getting up for some epic vacation or there’s a really amazing New York bagel waiting for me on the other end of things, you’ll be hard-pressed to get me out of bed. It’s always something I’ve been terrible at (I have distinct memories of my Dad literally tearing me out of the sheets in middle school), and I’m dying to get better at it–I want to be one of those people that relishes in the calm hours of the early a.m. I want to be a morning person.


In an attempt to try and make this happen, I’ve been putting more careful thought into how my mornings play out. Sure, as my roommates can attest, there are days where I stay in bed until the very instant my alarm (Ke$ha’s “TImber” if you’re curious) goes off, but more often these days, I’m trying to carve morning time into it’s own calm little thing. A little peek into the how:


I go to bed earlier. Turns out, one of my roommates getting a new job improved my sleeping habits–I’m serious! She gets up crazy-early (like, 5:30 am early), and since I’m an extremely light sleeper, I tend to wake up at least a bit when I hear her out in the kitchen. She’ll head to bed a little before nine, and if I haven’t gotten home from work too late (and ahem–if I happened to have finished the next day’s blog post), I’ll head to my room soon after to read a bit in bed. It’s been getting me an extra hour or so, plus it’s helping in my attempt to read 50 books this year.


I establish a routine. For me, consistency is super important. It may seem a bit anal, but I thrive off a routine, so doing the same thing morning after morning helps to start my day off on a relaxed foot. Typically, I’ll pick out my outfit out the night before and set my alarm for the same time every morning (unless I’m sneaking in an a.m. workout session, which I’ve been not-so-great at lately). I’m a huge fan of sleeping with my shades open (the natural light really helps me wake up not as groggy), so as the mornings get lighter, waking up gets easier. Once I drag myself out of bed, I do a few yoga/stretching moves–I have a pretty bad back (I’m basically an 80-year-old woman, in case you haven’t noticed), so that helps to loosen things up. Then it’s your typical shower/makeup/packing up routine–nothing earth shattering there. Unless you consider the fact that I sometimes sing in the shower. That could be earth (or rather, eardrum) shattering.


I take a moment for myself. Before I roll out from under the sheets in the a.m., I take about 10 minutes to myself before I officially start my day. Typically (and maybe embarrassingly?) this usually consists of all things social media related. I’ll check to make sure my blog post went live successfully, then breeze through my Instagram, Twitter and work e-mail quickly. I also love when I get my Skimm e-mails early enough to read them in bed–but if not, they’re usually in my inbox by the time I’m on the subway (and if you don’t get The Skimm, definitely sign up…it’s a condensed news service that rounds up the day’s biggest stories in a funny, attainable way).


I make (or sorta make) a calming playlist. My favorite pick for morning music? Ray LaMontagne or Etta James Pandora…both dish up songs that are perfect for my morning routine. Truthfully, I’ll sometimes be late leaving for work because I’ll want to finish a song, which seems sort of silly now that I’m saying it out loud. On days that I’m particularly sluggish or grumpy, Justin Timberlake Pandora it is. Really, nothing beats it (I mean can your day really be bad if it starts with J Tim’s Damn Girl“?).


I find little ways to treat myself. Maybe it’s my favorite chia tea latte from Coffee Bean or the amazing PB Acai bowls from Juice Generation–either way, if I have something to look forward to once I get to work, it only makes my morning that much better. I always read other blogs first thing in the morning, and my favorite thing lately is to accompany that with some avocado toast at my desk. Sure, it doesn’t hold a candle to being in my bed sound asleep still at 9 a.m., but it’s pretty darn close.



image by peaches & mint for elfenkleid

recovery mode




So you know that little cold I mentioned here? Turns out, it’s more like a big cold–like, flu cold (which I thought wasn’t supposed to happen if you got the flu shot?). I’ve been out of commission for a few days and while I’m back to work, it still means I haven’t had much time to craft up blog posts for you guys the later part of this week (and no Sunday Edition, since I didn’t fit much blog reading in between sleeping and drinking DayQuil like water). I’m sorry! If it’s any consolation, there were two things I did manage to blow through (figuratively, and literally): the entire season of House of Cards (I’m ready for February 14!) and three boxes of tissues. Boom.


I’ll be hanging low this weekend, working on planning an upcoming trip with roommates (if you had to choose, would you go to Austin, Savannah or Charleston, assuming you’d never been to any?) and testing out new recipes for the blog. I’ll see you back here on Monday, where I promise things will be more exciting. Happy weekend, friends!





image ** I cannot for the life of me find the original, so if you know it, tell me!

postcards from dc

lincoln memorial


Ah, back in New York! We spent a cold three days in DC this past holiday weekend visiting a college friend…and despite the chilly weather (it was so windy on Saturday, my hair turned into one big rat’s nest) and the fact that I came back with a nasty cold, the sightseeing and food (we tried out Founding Farmers and highly recommend it, thanks for the recs!) were worth it. Here are a few snaps from our weekend!


washington monument washington dc metro

^^The DC subways were really cool (and um, so CLEAN). They reminded me of Space Mountain!


world war II memorial and washington monument

lincoln memorial (1)





happy thanksgiving!

happy thanksgiving


It’s here! It’s here! It’s finally here! I guess it’s no surprise that Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays–I mean, it is devoted to family, food and gluttony, after all. I’m clocking in a few hours at the office this morning, then hopping on a Metro North train and heading home to Connecticut for lots of awesome family (and puppy!) time.


Today and tomorrow will be pretty quiet around these parts as I concentrate on fitting as much stuffing into my stomach as possible, but I wanted to make sure I took a quick moment to talk about one of the things I’m most grateful for this year: you guys. Blogging and writing have always been rewarding to me, but the thing that makes this whole process more fun is hanging with you (virtually, and in person!). I’ve met more amazing people through blogging than I could have ever imagined, and I’m constantly inspired by what you all are putting out there on your spaces. Thank you for taking the time to visit–whether that’s once a day, once a week or once a month. I truly appreciate every single tweet, e-mail and comment more than you could ever know.


Other things I’m thankful for this year? Shake Shack opening up in Grand Central that’s sure to make today’s commute home easier, Scandal (duh), my amazing friends and family, a clean (finally!) apartment,  Smartfood popcorn, and holiday Pandora. You know, the basics.


p.s. If you’d like, you can keep up with me over the next few days via my Instagram. I’m making a few things for the big meal tomorrow, so you know there will be food shots.


p.p.s. Make sure to check back here on Friday–there’s a little somethin’ somethin’ called The Glossy Life Holiday Gift Guide going up in a fun new format. You’ll be crossing off your holiday shopping list in no time!





[image via Style Me Pretty]

ladies who brunch

casual brunch outfit


Ah, brunch–let me count the ways in which I love you. This weekend rolled around and it called for sleeping in late (I made it ’til 7:45 a.m. Woohoo!), a lazy morning around the apartment and a casual brunch in Brooklyn. It’s so close to Queens (just a quick few minutes away on the BQE), but unless I’m heading to Brooklyn Flea or Smorgasburg, I really don’t spend much time there. So away we went.


brunch outdoor brunch in nyc church in brooklyn casual brunch


After stuffing our faces silly, we needed to walk it off (a massive egg sandwich will do that to ya, I guess). Trekking over the Brooklyn Bridge has been on my NYC bucket list for a while, so my roommate and I somehow found our way there and walked over–the view from up there is seriously something special.


lower manhattan skyline the statue of liberty brooklyn bridge


It wasn’t too crowed, and it completely reignited my love for the city–which, I have to admit, had waned this week with the hundreds of people camping outside the new Times Square H&M waiting for Lady Gaga…it took me 20 minutes to get to my office door and was just all-around not fun. We ended the day with gelato in Little Italy, a bit of shopping at C. Wonder and Joe Fresh (where I snagged this adorable skirt!) and sushi on the couch. Pretty perfect if you ask me!



how to kill a bad mood and get your swag back

how to get rid of a bad mood


Lately, I’ve been in a no good, very bad mood. I can attribute it to a lot of things, I think–the fact that I’ve seemingly lost my ability to sleep (currently drinking some sleepy teddy bear tea my roommate suggested, actually), a lack of exercise, probably not the healthiest eating, very few yoga sessions, work stress, the fact that Olivia and Fitz still aren’t back together on Scandal…the list could go on and on.


Typically, I always make a conscious effort to be happy and I’m pretty quick to snap out of things, but this crabby cloud has been lingering a bit too long for my liking. Because I’m a girl, because I went through my “fun” 13-year-old teen phase and because we generally can be a bit moody on occasion, I have an arsenal of feel-good moves in my back pocket (or in my skirt pocket maybe–because skirts with pockets are awesome) for times like these. They’re silly, they’re stupid and they might not work for everyone–but hey, they usually work for me. So from my sometimes-crabby self to your sometimes-crabby self, a few ways to kill a bad mood and get your swag back:


Sweat it out This may seem a bit obvious, but a workout does wonders for a sucky mood–I think we all remember this scene from Legally Blonde, don’t we? I haven’t gotten as much time as I’d like to get to the gym lately, so I’ve penciled in a run for this weekend. Sure, it’s cold–but I know the hardest part will just be lacing up. Once I’m out there, I’ll be able to jog away all those cranky thoughts (OK, jog, walk, jog, walk…). If you’re battling a bad mood, one of the first things you should do is slip on some sneaks and get in something (anything!) workout-wise, whether it’s a yoga session, run or spin class. You’ll feel better about yourself and life instantly. How about them endorphins, man?


Crank the tunes, bro In college, my roommates and I had this annoying college girl habit of getting into cabs on the way to the bar and screaming at the top of our lungs “Crank the tunes, BRO!” (I’m sorry…) to the cab driver. He’d then blast whatever flavor-of-the-week song was in the Top 20 that Saturday night and we’d proceed to sing along, dance in our seats squished between the other 17 people in the cab (danger status) and generally act like lunatics. And you know what? It felt freakin’ good. Sure, maybe it was classy Natty Lights we had before we left (classy with a capital C), but there’s still something about music that does a soul good. Whether you favor the upbeat Katy Perry‘s of the world to take your mind off things or the Damien Rice crooners to wallow with you (I’m a huge fan), throw on your Pod and let the music go to work.


Make someone else happy Out of all of these, this is probably one of my top go-tos. Whenever I’m feeling crap-tastic, I’ll try to removed myself from the situation (aka the negative chatter in my head) and instead focus on doing something thoughtful or nice for someone else. That could mean picking up dessert for my roommates on the way home from work, calling my grandparents for a quick hello or giving up my seat on the subway to someone who is loaded down with more bags than me. It really doesn’t matter how big or small the gesture is, just that you do it. There’s a reason they say happiness comes from helping others–because it’s true, duh. (I read it on the internet. They can’t put anything on the internet that isn’t true.)


#TreatYoSelf Parks and Recs fans, raise your hand if you know how to treat yo self (Fragrances! Massages! Fine leather goods!). For those of you who think I’m spewing crazy right now and have no idea what I’m talking about, first watch this, then listen to this: treat yo self day on Parks and Recreation is all about–you guessed it–treating your self. And while it’s genius to have one day a year dedicated solely to it, it’s also a great way to pick yourself up and out of a bad mood. Treat yourself to that cookie or that manicure or that sweater that you suspect might make you feel better…because it probably will. My #treatyoself moment? Definitely some new makeup or a good facial–can’t beat it.


Hit the kitchen For me, virtually nothing makes me feel better than cooking. I could scald my hand, spill ingredients everywhere and almost chop off my finger, and I’d still tell you I had a great time in the kitchen that day. There’s just something about it that sets my soul at ease–I think the 80-year-old Italian grandmother in me finds contentment in it. Regardless of whether you’re a master chef or have a particular set of skills in the microwave department, food is good for the soul. Put on some old tunes, grab a new-to-you recipe and get cookin’. You’ll feel better by the second course.


Have a laugh When all else fails, just fake it girlfriend. It may sound looney, but it’s true–faking a smile or even a laugh can sometimes trick your brain into releasing feel-good hormones. Of course, no one likes a faker, so help yourself out and find something to really laugh at. Look through old pictures (this would result in the awkward-laugh variety), grab drinks with your funniest girlfriend, throw on a Will Ferrell movie or just hit up YouTube for the best Ellen Degeneres’ channel has to offer (like this gem). Before you know it, a chuckle will turn into a belly laugh and you’ll be wondering why you were even bummed out in the first place. Swag = back.