10 things you might not know (or want to know) about me



Here’s the dealio peeps–I’ve been tagged in a lot of those “5 Things You Don’t Know About Me” posts recently, and I finally got a chance to hammer one out this past weekend. Since I owe you at least 10 things at this point, I decided to make a little video–mostly because it was quicker than trying to find pictures for everything (and you guys seemed to like my last one here), but also because these 10 things are sort of weird, and I wanted a chance to explain myself (hopefully you still like me after this!). I loved Emily’s video a few weeks back, so that was a bit of inspiration for this as well–I hope you enjoy!




10 Things from Alyssa Longobucco on Vimeo.





p.s. If I’m painfully awkward–tell me now! That way I won’t make you suffer through the hair tutorial I also filmed this weekend. Perhaps I shouldn’t be left alone with a video camera…

berry vanilla cloud cupcakes [+ a blog survey!]



A while ago, I put a feeler call-out on Twitter to see if people would be willing to take a blog  survey to help me improve The Glossy Life in 2013. The response to the idea of the survey was amazingly positive–especially when I mentioned cupcakes (I have this theory that people will do anything for a cupcake or free t-shirt). Obviously I can’t send you all cupcakes personally, but I can give you the recipe to make your own.

To make the cupcakes, I used this cake and frosting recipe from Sweetapolita, which never fails me. Once the cupcakes are cooled, core the center with a knife and fill with preserves or jam (I love the triple berry version from Anarchy in a Jar!).






Once you’re done, “re-cork” them (so to say) and frost generously–it is the best part, after all!. I garnished mine with some fun pink rock candy to make them feel extra special.





Now that I’ve buttered you all up with a yummy cupcake recipe, I’d love to ask a favor: take this little 10 question survey about your thoughts on The Glossy Life thus far (bonus: it’s anonymous, so be honest!). I’m dying to hear what you like, dislike and want to see more of. It will only take you five minutes and will help me improve this little space for you in 2013. Thanks, all!