Just a few pretty things catching my eye around the web this week…

-Katie’s amazing Valentine’s gift idea for your guy (I’m probably going to buy it for myself, too).

-I love nothing more than getting my girls together–especially if there’s food involved. This Single Ladies Brunch from Design Love Fest is too cute!

-This social media etiquette post over on Design Sponge is a must read. Major don’ts? Negativity, bashing and over hashtag-ing

-Looking to give something sweet this Valentine’s Day? Try these homemade chocolate bars, as seen on The Vault Files.

-As a new-ish blogger, I’m constantly trying to stay fresh, so I loved Lisa’s post this week on creating original content.

-How adorable are Anne’s washi tape stickers? So easy and creative!

-We got Sugarfina products delivered to the office this week (and they were so. yummy.). Even cuter? Their fun giftsets–like this anti-Valentine’s Day one (sweet, even if you are pro-Valentine’s Day!).


  • Ira

    Amazing inspiation! Thanks for posting:)

    Check out my blog:

    • Alyssa

      Thanks so much!

  • fromproseccotoplaid

    Love your Sunday Edition! Great finds. Loving that beautiful brunch spread and the social media post! xo, Julie

    • Alyssa

      Thanks so much, Julie! I’m glad you like them, they’re so fun to pull together!

  • Francesca Bond

    Great collective, thanks for sharing! Also, love the photo!

  • Beatrice Malveda

    Thanks for all these recommended blogs!!! Must-reads!

  • Stephanie

    Great links, as usual. :) Love the chocolate bars and washi tape stickers. Washi tape is so versatile and addictive!

  • Anne

    Well, thanks! Loved checking out the other links too – fun (and yummy) stuff…

  • two birds

    that is a really great gift idea! i may need to get it, too!

  • Alison

    I love those stickers! Great links:)

  • Laura Podlich

    awesome round up- washi stickers are genius!

    • Alyssa

      Adorable, right?!

  • lexi

    I love that social media etiquette post! Happy almost Valentine’s Day!
    Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.

    • Alyssa

      I loved it too–I was totally taking notes!

  • Tanya Jean

    Okay, that single ladies brunch idea is absolutely perfect!!!
    xo TJ

    • Alyssa

      So cute, right? I’m still trying to arrange one with my girlfriends!

  • Lisa // Elembee

    Thank you so much for sharing my link! I loved Design*Sponge’s social media etiquette post, I totally agree it’s a must read!

    • Alyssa

      My pleasure, Lisa. Thanks for all the amazing blogging posts you do!