Beauty DIY: Hair Mask

I have always had incredibly curly, sometimes unruly hair. See below for evidence of me cheesing as a little curly-haired kid:

While it’s grown more manageable with age (and products), it still gets dry very easily and f-r-i-z-z-y to the max. I’ve found the trick to keeping it under control is using a hydrating hair mask. Problem is, I have yet to find any commercial masks that don’t leave my hair feeling filmy and greasy (it’s a fine line!). This DIY hair mask really gets the job done. The avocado and coconut oil are super moisturizing–avocados even (sort of) once saved a lovely friend in an over-zealous fried-ends dye-job situation. Add the olive oil for shine and you’ve got yourself a winning combo.

You’ll need:

  • 1 ripe avocado (mashed into oblivion)
  • 1/2 cup coconut milk
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil

Combine the ingredients until they form a thick past and apply to (preferably dry) hair. Leave on for at least thirty minutes (or even longer, if you have the time), then rinse clean. A shower cap comes in really handy with this–it keeps all the goop in one place (and off of your couch) while making you look suuuuuper stylish. That’s what I like to call a win/win!

Are you a DIY beauty gal? Check out other recipes herehere and here, and share yours below!

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  • Katie @ Katie’s Bliss

    I love diy beauty remedies! I have curly, frizzy hair too so I love doing stuff like this!

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  • Shizuma974

    I’m currently trying it but with cocnut oil instead of coconut milk. I made a mistake when I purchase it lol
    Hope it will work too :)

    • alongobucco

      I’m sure it will! Just use less oil than you would milk, as it’s thicker and will cling to your hair easier–don’t want to use too much!

      • Shizuma974

        I’m not sure if it worked fine. My hair seems to be still frizzy :(
        I will do another one soon to be sure :)

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  • Ciara

    if i wanted to give it as a gift how long would it keep?

  • Chloe

    How Often Can you use this?

    • alongobucco

      I used it approx. once a month or after I feel like I’ve seriously damaged my hair (color treatment etc.)!

  • Boing95

    How often should you aply this?

  • Nikki

    do you rinse out without shampoo or wash it out with shampoo?

    • alongobucco

      You can do either! I like to use shampoo afterwards :)

      • Nikki

        okay thanks(:

  • Marie

    Should I use it on clean or dry hair?

  • Hanabanana

    MY favourite treatments are brown sugar and olive oil scrub and vinegar and carbonated water for extremely shiny hair.

  • Sophie

    Thank you so much for this remedy. I tried it the other day and my normally frizzy unruly curls look glossy and in control.